Video: Walking with Cows

Video: Walking with Cows, 
Attempt 2

Fragment of:
Letter to the cows

The desire to be an animal, the world as seen by them. How does it feel if your father's name is "SKALSUMER SUNNY BOY"? You belong to a group that in the netherlands alone exists of 218324 descendants. As a calf you learned to share the milk that was yours with thousands of others. Now you are liable to service.

Like your sisters, you walk your daily dull walk, from ... to ..., to the meadow and back again. You chew cud, you can sleep standing up, but to be able to dream you need to lie down. You lie down a lot and continue chewing.

The following days i will be with you, i will walk gently, try to graze along, and turn my bottom to the rain, just like you. I resmble a cow, i behave like a cow as well, i sound like a cow. But my legs, they are wheels and my skin is not mine but your grandmother's or great-grandmother's. I walk along and will be milked, i am a social creature just like you. And scientific research has pointed out that you see the smartest, not the strongest, as your leader. Well, i have the same, such things.